If shipment from Hong Kong had to be on the place "already yesterday", you will be helped by the service of express delivery of goods weighing from 1 kg provided by our company. Having addressed us, you will be able to receive an item of 1-3 days in time. We deliver to any region of Russia or Europe. This type of services is more suitable for urgent sending a noncommercial consignment of goods from Hong Kong. It is most often used for the transfer of samples, details for the equipment or special equipment and other freight.

What is represented by express delivery?

   Express cargo delivery means receiving the goods by the customer in the shortest period of time. All shipments are carried out by the airplane which rather quicker than other types of transport.

Main features of express cargo transportation:

  • The short term of express delivery of small freight to Moscow from the — transportation is carried out as a rule, in 1-3 days, the maximum term — week;
  • The cost of transportation is quite high in comparison with other types of delivery;
  • This way is chosen for transportation of big lots of products and also when urgent cargo transportation of goods to 1kg is required.

   In general express departures are expedient when the recipient in Russia needs to transport quickly valuable and important parcels or documents from Hong Kong.