The cost of transportation of goods with customs clearance depends on type of goods, its weight, dimensions and others of parameters. On some commodity positions the additional excise duty is established. To Moscow the broker can execute exact calculation of cost of delivery.

Variants of Customs Clearance.

   The international transportation of goods from the suppliers assumes a customs clearance according to the following schemes:

  • simplified — is suitable for natural persons who import private use products;
  • general — is used in transit goods for the purpose of the subsequent sale, can be carried out on border or on the place of delivery.

   There are several ways of execution of necessary documents for import of products from Hong Kong to Moscow and other Russian cities: independent, delivery through the broker or under the contract of the broker. Advantage of the first approach is that it is possible to control freight at each stage of customs clearance, and there are no additional expenses. But independent registration is connected with a large amount of risks because of a set of nuances of the procedure.

Customs Clearance.

 Any goods crossing the Russian border have to be followed by the cargo customs declaration. GTE is made out on the special form protected from fakes. It contains main information on the imported products. Besides, this paper confirms that movement of goods is carried out lawfully.

   First of all, by the companies and the organisations making customs registration of freights process of registration as the participant of foreign trade activities (foreign economic activity) has to be carried out;  Providing necessary shipping documents to customs services.

Enters the list of these documents:

  • The foreign trade contract confirming the purchase and sale transaction fact;
  • The invoice, other documents confirming goods cost in currency;
  • The documents called specifications on goods which are additional and displaying signs of the transported goods (the consignment, consignment notes, etc.);
  • Licenses;
  • The documents confirming the import license to the country of these or those types and categories of products from state agencies;
  • The certificates of quality characterizing the transported goods.

   Performing calculation, payment of fees on the transported freight, introduction of customs duties. Customs cleaning of the goods transported from Hong Kong – very difficult and laborious process demanding appropriate execution of each document which list is huge. Only in this case, the export of freight can be made in the put time and without the emergence of problems. The small mistake in paperwork quite often involves refusal in crossing by border freight. In certain cases, mistakes are fraught also with considerable penalties. It is also worth considering that even small idle time of goods on the border turns into the financial losses connected with the maintenance of goods and its storage. As a rule, for the ordinary person transporting freight through the border of Russia, a customs clearance – the serious problem involving temporary losses and, often, - financial. In order to avoid these problems, it is worth addressing the professionals having the experience, special knowledge and skills in this sphere.