For transportation of a small batch of Chinese products, it is inexpedient to order the separate vehicle. Transportation of combined freight from 10 kg becomes an optimal variant in terms of the price of the delivery of goods from Hong Kong in this case. The "ABC World System" company offers professional consolidation cargo service from Hong Kong to Russia in a cost-effective manner.

How does it work?

   Delivery of Consolidated Cargo from Hong Kong to Russia is carried out as follows. The courier delivers goods from different suppliers to our warehouse in Hong Kong, we combined shipment which then is sent to Russia in one general pallet and deliver at the same route is formed of them. The pallet can consist of the various goods differing in the sizes, purposes. The general at them only one — the destination.

Main features of express cargo transportation:

  • The main plus of this way — the low prices of cargo transportation to Russia. The customer pays only for the actual volume and weight of the products.
  • Such type of transport is suitable for products of different categories.
  • Delivery periods of combined freights practically do not differ from the general.

   Considering tariffs for transportation of goods to Russia, transportation of consolidated shipments — the best option for small and medium business.