Air Freight and Cargo delivery.

   Air Freight is the perfect choice for the fast delivery of commercial batches, cargoes and other shipments. The mainstream of freights in this direction are goods which demand quick sale and high costs.

What you need to know about Air Freight?

   Air Freight and cargo delivery of goods to Russia — rather expensive, but at the same time the most convenient way of delivery. Logistics and flight infrastructure is well developed. There is a set of the international and domestic airports which allows to take away and send shipment practically from any point of the country. The "ABC World System" company provides Air Freight services for your cargo transportation from Hong Kong, London, Europe to Russia via air traffic: the cost of delivery of goods by plane with us is lower, then on average in the market.

Main features of express cargo transportation:

  • Speed — is ideal for a short deadline of delivery;
  • An opportunity to send goods to any point of Russia from Hong Kong;
  • High level of safety thanks to statistically low accident rate and the advanced monitors;
  • The most convenient way of transportation of exclusive, perishable and small-sized goods;
  • Lack of restrictions on dimensions and weight.

Main items of air transportation:

   Air Freight and Air Cargo delivery is relevant for transportation of consignment of goods, batches, documents, securities small on a volume basis. Such as: Electronics, the equipment, clothes, spare parts for cars, accessories, lighting engineering, furniture, jewellery, souvenirs and the medical equipment.

Complex of services before delivery to the customer.

   Basically, Air Freight to Russia from the Hong Kong, London or any other airport assume the complex of services such as:

  Cargo inspection, packaging, labelling, consolidation on warehouse of the transport company, palletising. After passing all of this procedures the departures intended for transportation by air are delivered in special pallets. Such pallets move on the terminal before a departure, where the goods are loaded and sealed up. The seal is removed only at the airport of arrival, then the safety of freight is ensured. Moreover our staff prepare all necessary documentation: MAWB, customs registration across both sides of the border (for export and for import).