How to get your price list?

Please contact with our manager via email: or fulfil our quote request form and we will  provide you our price list as soon as possible.

Can you provide cargo and shipping inspection?

Yes, we can. Our staff provide and inspection of each box including photos and repacking materials. The price of this service is 12$ per box.

Can you provide packaging materials for cargo and shipping?

Yes, we can provide packaging materials but would be chargeable like repacking: films 6$, metal net 10$, palletising will film 60$ or big carton 80$. Also we can repack all the cargo and shipping with meeting customers requirements.

Do I need an insurance for the cargo and shipping?

On the request of the customer. Our rate is 1% of the declare actual invoice cost of shipping. Do not try to overestimate or underestimate cost to cut down expenses on an insurance since in case of compensation the official documents proving goods prices can be required. Statistically about 97.8% of all freights from the general stream reached in integrity and safety in time. 

If I give wrong information about parcel, or about collection address. What will be happened?

It's not a problem. We check all the parcels before sending to the airport and we will contact with for approving all shipping details. But if  you found a mistake at the last moment your parcel will be hold on the terminal and then penalty will be charge by the company.